Save money, stay healthy with the EPA’s energy reducing tips


With summer in full swing and air conditioners blasting, it’s important to keep your health and the environment in mind. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently released its list of 15 Hot Tips for a Cool Summer both at home and at work. The list includes ways to save money, reduce energy usage, remain healthy and protect the environment while enjoying all that summer has to offer.

According to the EPA, small changes such as raising the thermostat a few degrees, using window blinds to best advantage during the hottest part of the day, and turning off unneeded lights can cut energy costs significantly during the hot summer months.

If a road trip is part of your summer plans, remember to obey the speed limit, avoid braking and accelerating too quickly and pack your trunk lightly. All of these measures can improve your fuel economy and mitigate steep gas prices and pollutant emissions. Consider carpooling or taking mass transit whenever an Air Quality Alert is issued by the EPA for Davidson County.

The EPA has even developed smartphone apps that can be downloaded to alert you of air quality information and UV radiation levels for your location.

The EPA’s list also includes water conservation tips that are especially useful as we start to enter severe drought conditions from lack of rain. Consider postponing car washing and lawn watering until later in the year, or water the lawn at night to minimize evaporation. While on campus, be mindful of water use when washing hands, lab equipment or dishes.

For more information and additional energy and water conservation tips, visit the EPA website or the ThinkOne website. For more information about Vanderbilt’s sustainability program, visit SustainVU or become a fan of SEMO’s SustainVU Facebook page.

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