The President’s Corner

John-HindleWhile the Vanderbilt Alumni Association doesn’t hold caucuses, primaries or candidate debates, we do engage annually in the very important task of selecting new volunteer leadership and recognizing outstanding alumni. That said, I would like to call your attention to three nomination processes that are currently under way and to solicit your suggestions.

First, we seek nominations for the Distinguished Alumni Award. This is the highest award bestowed by the association, and is given only when a worthy candidate emerges who demonstrates exceptional lifetime achievement in the service of mankind. Should a suitable nominee be identified, this award will be announced and presented in conjunction with Reunion/Homecoming 2012.

The second and third nomination processes relate to the volunteer leadership of your Alumni Association.

Under our new bylaws, adopted in 2009, members of the Alumni Association Board of Directors hold office for three years, and we recruit one-third of the board each year. With the election of our third class of seven new directors in the spring, the restructuring of the board will be complete, and the new directors will take office July 1. We seek your nominations for these seven leadership positions.

Finally, the presidency of the Alumni Association rotates every two years. Carroll Kimball, our current president-elect, will take over as president July 1, and we will choose a new president-elect in parallel with the election of new board directors. We therefore seek your nominations for the post of president-elect.

Elsewhere in this section you will find details about the criteria and process for making nominations. Please help us identify and recognize those among our number who best qualify for these important offices and awards.

John Hindle, BA’68, PhD’81
President, Vanderbilt Alumni Association