2012 Impact Symposium with Gen. Wesley Clark and Jon Huntsman


Watch video of retired Gen. Wesley Clark and Jon Huntsman, the former Utah governor who has served as ambassador to Singapore and China and was a recent contender for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, speaking at the 2012 Impact Symposium that took place on March 20. The discussion was moderated by Vanderbilt political scientist Brett Benson. This year’s Impact theme is “Rise of the Rest: What is the Future of American Foreign Policy?”

The Vanderbilt University Speakers Committee organizes the annual IMPACT Symposium, which has been a tradition at Vanderbilt since 1964. This annual multi-day symposium engages speakers who discuss current events and topics of a controversial nature.

For information about the Impact Symposium, call 615-322-2471 or visit studentorgs.vanderbilt.edu/vpb/speakers.