John Lachs: “Why Is Good Enough Not Good Enough for Us?”

Watch video of Vanderbilt University Centennial Professor of Philosophy John Lachs on Feb. 23 kick-off a new series of talks that aims to make philosophy accessible and relevant for the public. Lachs discussed “Why Is Good Enough Not Good Enough for Us?”, which addressed the human drive for perfection. “It is distressing to see that people are unwilling to settle for achievable goals,” he said. “Instead, we throw ourselves into a rat race of endless striving that makes peace and satisfaction difficult to attain.”

“The Berry Lectures in Public Philosophy provide a wonderful opportunity to reach a broader audience beyond our students and academic colleagues,” said Robert Talisse, professor and chair of the Vanderbilt philosophy department. “These talks aim to bring out the ethical questions that people ask themselves all the time and examine them from an understandable philosophical perspective.”

The other scheduled speakers and dates are:

  • Jeffrey Tlumak, March 15, “Do We Have Free Will? Why Does It Matter?”