Vanderbilt hosts Nov. 29 forum on opening up the political process


Americans Elect is participating in a panel discussion hosted by Vanderbilt University  5:30 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 29, at The First Amendment Center.

The panel will include Americans Elect Chief Operating Officer Elliot Ackerman, Shayne Chair Professor of Public Policy and Social Science Larry Bartels, Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions Josh Clinton, Associate Director of the Latin American Public Opinion Project Liz Zechmeister and Chair of the Vanderbilt Department of Political Science John Geer. The discussion will be moderated by John Seigenthaler, chairman emeritus of The Tennessean and founder of The First Amendment Center.

There will be a reception at 6:30 p.m. directly following the forum. The public is invited to the free event.

Americans Elect is providing voters the opportunity to directly nominate a presidential candidate outside the two-party system for the 2012 presidential election. Through, every registered voter can sign up to become a delegate and participate. This election voters can pick a president, not a party. 

This forum is part of a series of university campus events in which Americans Elect shares its nationwide effort to open up the political process to all voters to put a third choice on the 2012 presidential ballot in all 50 states – a choice not bound by party politics – via the first-ever direct, online nominating convention in June 2012.

Americans Elect has already been certified in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Nevada, Kansas, Florida Michigan, Ohio and Utah. Signature gathering or ballot access activities are underway in Alabama, Missouri, Georgia, Oregon, Maine, Rhode Island, South Carolina, North Carolina, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Maryland, Oklahoma and Tennessee; certification is pending in California, Colorado and Hawaii.

All registered voters are invited to sign up at to become a delegate, where they can debate the issues, develop the Platform of Questions and select a candidate.

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