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Holocaust Lecture Series: Isaac Nehama

by Nov. 14, 2011, 4:03 PM

Watch video of Isaac Nehama speaking at the 2011 Holocaust Lecture Series.

Isaac Nehama, a Holocaust survivor from Greece, recounts his experiences as a traditional Sephardic Jew. When German troops began to occupy the area in 1943, Nehma fled to Thessaly. Most of his other family members went into hiding. Nehama returned to Athens in 1994 and learned that only his father had survived in hiding. The others were sent to Auschwitz. His brother Samuel was the only one to survive two concentration camps and a death march.

He spoke Nov. 13 as part of Vanderbilt University’s 2011 Holocaust Lecture Series, which focuses on remnants of past atrocities and other acts of genocide perpetuated around the world today and likely to occur in the future.

“Holocaust Remains” is the theme for this year’s event. Vanderbilt’s is the longest continuous Holocaust lecture series at an American university.


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