Statement from Vanderbilt University

As a higher education institution, Vanderbilt encourages and supports diversity of thought and opinion among our students, faculty and staff – this is one of the cornerstones of an academic environment. We also recognize that student organizations help enrich the out-of-classroom experience for our campus community and want to be certain that all of our students have an opportunity to participate in the student organizations that interest them. We are committed to making our campus a welcoming environment for all of our students.

Last academic year, an undergraduate made an allegation of discrimination against a student organization. As a result of that allegation, we sought to ensure that the more than 300 student organizations were aware of their need to comply with the university’s longstanding nondiscrimination policy. A dozen or so, including five religious organizations, are not yet in compliance. We made the decision to give the organizations not yet in compliance provisional status, allowing us to continue to work with them to achieve compliance while allowing them to continue to have the same full access to the Vanderbilt campus as they have had in the past.

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