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VUCast: Political past revealed

Aug. 22, 2011, 11:28 AM

See some of the unique items and stories U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander reveals to Vanderbilt from his time as governor. Plus, how one Vandy professor thinks President Obama could fix the immigration issue and why VUMC is cheering!

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  • anneray

    I remember it all so very well. From the beginning of the ‘walk’ in the snow to the capital (where he wore a borrowed tie and jacket and mismatched socks). I served on his staff during that exciting time. I respect Lamar for his integrity and dignity. I probably won’t be able to ever see the exhibition but that’s okay, I lived it and have my own collection. Memories…aren’t they wonderful!!

  • Linda J. Higgins

    I have seen the collection and applaud Vanderbilt for their ability to display these historic events.
    I took my children to the Civic Center in Jackson to see the new Gov. who had just been installed three days early. It was his first presentation to the public following his early swearing-in. Even though I was a Democrat, I felt that it was important for my children to meet their new Gov.
    Later, I was appointed a member of Gov. Alexander’s Commission on the Outdoors and met with him and the other members as well as the members of the U.S. Outdoors Commission in the Great Smokey Mountains. It was a very rewarding service to my state as I got to meet many nationally-recognized outstanding individuals and to serve with many outstanding Tennesseans who strive to protect our national resources. 

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