VUspace for individuals to be retired

ITS will retire VUspace for Individuals, which has been used for file storage and website hosting, on Oct. 1, 2011.

This move will only affect websites that are currently hosted in VUspace. VUspace Groups will not be affected by the retirement of VUspace for Individuals.

The following services are now available to replace the services formerly provided by VUspace:

University Web Communications, in partnership with ITS, has created to enable faculty, students and staff to create websites related to their work, study and research at Vanderbilt. The service is built and supported by University Web Communications and Information Technology Services (ITS) using WordPress.

If VUspace users decide to create a new site using, they will be responsible for moving their content (text, photos, etc.) from their old VUSpace site to their new site. This is a manual process that users must do themselves. University Web Communications will host monthly training sessions for and will be available to answer user questions.

Visit to view the schedule and reserve a training spot in the WordPress class. There is also a “How to…” section available with short podcasts detailing how to use WordPress for your site.

VU Live SkyDrive

SkyDrive is available to the Vanderbilt community through a new product called VU Live. SkyDrive is a file storage and sharing service that allows users to upload files to the computing cloud, and then access them from a browser. It uses Windows Live ID to control access to the user’s files, allowing them to keep the files private, share with contacts, or make the files public. Publicly-shared files do not require a Windows Live ID to access. The service offers 25 GB of free personal storage, with a maximum file size for individual files limited to 50 MB.

SharePoint 2010 Mysites

Also, Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 Mysites are now available and provide comprehensive content management with 1 GB of personal storage space. More information on SharePoint 2010 and how to provision a Mysite can be found here. A SharePoint 2010 Mysite will provide users with both data storage and web page hosting.

Questions? Contact your local support provider.