Time to update PeopleFinder info

The annual directory process has begun for the 2011-12 Vanderbilt University Directory. The information for the directory is pulled from the online PeopleFinder application. The following information from PeopleFinder will be listed in the directory:

Email Address
Department Name
Department Phone Number

Please review your information in PeopleFinder to ensure that it is accurate. If you need to update your information, login using your VUnetID and ePassword. Once in the application, select the Personal Update link. The following fields can be updated:

Phone Number
Voice Mail Number
Fax Number
Delivery Address

You should contact your Directory Responsible Person (DRP) if any other changes are needed or if you experience problems. To find your department’s DRP:

Go to the People Finder website. Under “Department Search” (on the left hand side of the page) enter the Department Name. Click the “Find” button. There will be a “View” button on the left side of the name. Click the “View” button and the DRP’s name will be listed on the page with the department information. If there is not a DRP listed for your department, contact