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Commencement 2011

May. 16, 2011, 10:00 AM

Watch video of Vanderbilt University’s class of 2011 Commencement ceremony.

About 2,843 graduates were expected to attend Commencement. Degrees were scheduled to be awarded to 1,734 undergraduate and 1,904 graduate students.

The main ceremony, featuring the annual address to graduates from Chancellor Zeppos, was moved to Memorial Gym due to the weather. After Chancellor Zeppos speaks, there is a brief intermission so graduate and professional school graduates can make their way to separate ceremonies around campus. Undergraduates stay at Memorial Gym to receive their degrees.

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  • Anonymous

    Well, this is SUPER ! I was so upset that due to circumstances beyond control, I could not be here Live, but here it is thanks to the internet and some Vandy brains.  Alas, so far there is only sound and music and the VU logo spinning, but I am hoping soon the camera comes on live, too!

    • Happy to help!! The archive will be posted on this site also.

  • Anonymous

    Cool!  The live video is on now, with the Chancellor (I guess)  speaking.  Nice quality of video feed.  I can’t wait to see my son Noah walk up and get his “sheepskin.”  They all deserve it and I am happy for everyone graduating today!

  • Anonymous

    Super speech by the Chancellor – really good message, especially about “thinking twice” before one writes, blogs, posts, etc. in any medium or place. 

  • Vryan1505

    thank you for posting this…I am a proud parent  who sat in the balcony. The speeches were hard to understand. Great speakers that needed to be heard, maybe next time you are forced to use the gym you could incorporate a close caption system.
    Also most of my son’s family lives out of state and were unable to attend but this allowed us to share this day

    • Thank you for the feedback, and congratulations to your graduate! We will pass your suggestion along to the Commencement office. I am so glad your family was able to part of the day, in some way, via the video.

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