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Vanderbilt moves forward with College Halls

by | May. 5, 2011, 11:51 AM

Vanderbilt University is set to begin construction of the next phase of its residential college system – College Halls at Vanderbilt. The Commons, the first phase of College Halls, was opened in 2008 and brings together all first-year students who live in 10 houses, each guided by a faculty head of house, a member of the university faculty and mentor who lives among the students in a faculty apartment.

Artist's rendering of the new residential college at Kissam

Artist's rendering of the new residential college at Kissam (Vanderbilt University)

The university will break ground in May 2012 on Kissam College Halls, two colleges that will each house about 330 upperclass students–a mixture of sophomores, juniors and seniors–and be led by faculty directors in residence. Each college will also be divided into two halls led by a graduate fellow. The six existing Kissam Quadrangle buildings, located near the intersection of West End Avenue and 21st Avenue South, will be demolished to make way for the two colleges that will be connected by a shared facility providing gathering space, “grab-and-go” dining options, a classroom, offices and meeting rooms.

The $115 million project, a top initiative of Chancellor Nicholas S. Zeppos, is expected to be complete in fall 2014. Funding for the project will be provided entirely through philanthropy and internal resources.

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  • Guest

    Its about time…

  • Jacob Grossman

    How is the university planning to house the 660 students that would otherwise be housed in Kissam Quad during construction on the new buildings?

    • Jacob-
      The university is considering a number of housing options that will be announced in the fall.

  • RIP Reinke, the memories will live on!

  • Guest

    Mims, you will be missed!!!

  • SS

    RIP Mims!

  • Martin Sims

    I lived in Kissam for three out of my four years at Vandy. Sad to see them go, but happy to see the progress.

  • T-Hugg

    RIP Mims and the second floor pink palace :-( DISLIKE, ZEPPOS!!!!!

  • John David

    i get to be the last group of people living on Kissam!!!!!!

  • Painlssdmd

    How will this impact on student housing during construction?

    • The university is considering a number of housing options that will be announced in the fall.

  • vandyfan

    Ah the memories of bicycle races in the hallway of Kissam 3.  Never did the smell of the fire extinguishers out of the carpet though!

  • Jporter

    Back in the early 70’s it was all freshman boys. The upperclass and Graduate RA’s had a hard time. I remeber late night Ritter Runs (Tex Ritter’s was just accross 21st Ave).  The whole campus has gone upscale 

  • Vandy98

    So sad to see Dyer go.  So much fun in Kissam.  What a shame…

  • Jerry

    1969.  1st floor of Hemingway.   Girls liked climbing in my window (well, some did  ;-)  ).  Some good memories.

  • guest

    Will miss the single rooms in Kissam Quad.  Truly hate, hate, hate making folks live with roommates.  I hope the new construction will have singles as well.

  • Guest

    Will updates, painting or any type of improvements be made this summer for those living in the Quad this coming year (2011/12)? Showers in Currey could use some hooks!

    • Please see response below from the Office of Housing and Residential Education:

      “The residence halls of Kissam Quadrangle will all receive our standard summer maintenance. This includes thorough steam cleaning of all carpets, housekeeping in every student room and common area, touch-up painting and carpet replacement where needed, and assessment and repair by every trade shop (plumbing, heating and cooling, carpentry, and electric).

      All bathrooms in Kissam have either towel bars or towel hooks in all shower areas and adjacent to all vanities.

      Because the buildings all received significant make-overs in the summer of 2008 – prior to the opening of Ingram Commons, there are no plans this summer for improvements over and above routine maintenance.”

  • Guest

    Are there going to be lighter restrictions (as far as room decorations/walls) for students living in Kissam Quad Halls this coming year? 

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