USAC/Kroger partnership aids employees

The Vanderbilt University Staff Advisory Council (USAC) has partnered with Kroger Charitable Fund-raising to help raise money for the Vanderbilt Employee Hardship Fund.

Employees may purchase rechargeable Kroger gift cards for $5 from a USAC member and reload it for personal purchases (such as groceries, gas, fuel and prescriptions) in a Kroger store or to obtain money orders, Western Union services, lottery tickets, a hunting/fishing license and Ticket Master purchases.

Departments also may purchase cards with an 1180 for University Programing purchases; please use your P-Card to reload.

You may recharge your card for any amount up to $500, and you may pay for the recharged card with cash, check or major credit card. Each time Vanderbilt reaches $5,000 in recharges, Kroger will send a check to Vanderbilt for 4 percent of all recharges.

Contact Donna Smith (215B Divinity Library – 343-8517) or Andrea Wall (Sarratt 310 – 322-8936) to obtain cards for yourself or your office.