Outdoor warning sirens to be tested April 2

The monthly test of the Vanderbilt Outdoor warning sirens is scheduled for Saturday April 2, 2011, immediately following the test of the Metro sirens at noon.

The Metro sirens are tested on the first Saturday of each month. The Vanderbilt University Sirens are tested immediately following the test of the Davidson County Sirens to allow individuals to be able to hear and distinguish the Metro sirens from the VU sirens by both location and distinctive alert tone.

During tests, the sirens typically sound for only 15-30 seconds; during an actual alert, the sirens sound for 3 minutes.

The test of the Vanderbilt siren system is preceded by an announcement stating “This is a test of the Vanderbilt Severe Weather Sirens. This is ONLY a test.” Because voice announcements do not carry as far as the siren wail, the announcements may not be audible in all locations prior to the test.

Listen to a sound sample of Vanderbilt ‘s outdoor warning sirens.

Information regarding the Vanderbilt Severe Weather Warning System.