Catherine Keller: “And Truth – so Manifold!: Transfeminist Entaglements”

Watch video of Catherine Keller speaking on “And Truth – so Manifold!: Transfeminist Entaglements.”

Theologian Catherine Keller spoke about the future of feminist theology March 24, 2011, during the Antoinette Brown Lecture at Vanderbilt Divinity School.. Keller is professor of constructive theology at The Theological and Graduate Schools of Drew University.

The Antoinette Brown Lecture began in 1974 with sponsorship from Vanderbilt alumna Sylvia Sanders Kelly of Atlanta to honor Antoinette Brown Blackwell, who became the first ordained woman in America in 1853. Previous Antoinette Brown lecturers include Sallie McFague, Stephanie Paulsell, Amina Wadud and Sharon Welch.