Stephanie McCurry: “Antigone’s Claim: Gender and Treason in the American Civil War”

Watch video of the March 17 talk, “Antigone’s Claim: Gender and Treason in the American Civil War,” by Stephanie McCurry.

McCurry is a professor of history at the University of Pennsylvania whose areas of expertise include the American South and the Civil War era, and the history of women and gender.

U.S. Civil War scholars from across the nation are speaking at Vanderbilt University this spring on a variety of themes, including the war’s impact on Nashville, during a series of public lectures. The talks, sponsored by the university’s College of Arts and Science, take place during the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War and the presidential inauguration of Abraham Lincoln. The lectures are in conjunction with an interdisciplinary undergraduate course on the Civil War co-taught by Richard Blackett, the Andrew Jackson Professor of History, and Michael Kreyling, the Gertrude Conway Vanderbilt Professor of English.