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HR may be contacting you to verify your I9

Jan. 28, 2011, 1:50 PM

Human Resources is currently verifying all Vanderbilt employees’ employment eligibility in response to federal regulations put in place in September 2009.  All employees hired since January 2010 have already gone through the E-Verify process.  HR is also reviewing the I-9 forms submitted by all employees hired prior to January 2010 and is emailing employees from whom they need additional documentation.

These emails are not spam—if an employee receives one, they are required to review the information and provide documentation as directed to HR.

Some of the E-Verify requirements that may trigger the need to update or complete a new I-9 are:

  • If a Social Security number was not provided
  • If a work authorization document has expired
  • If the employee’s name has changed

If you believe that you may need to update or complete a new I-9 form, please contact HR’s I-9 team at or call 322-9508 or 322-5287.  Additional information is also available on the HR website and at

Things you can do now to avoid questions during the E-Verify process are:

  • Notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) of name changes (e.g. a married name) or changes in citizenship status to ensure that your SSA file has accurate information and that your Social Security number reflects your legal name.
  • Sign on to C2HR, Vanderbilt’s secure online system for human resource information, to verify your name is spelled correctly and your immigration status is correct.

Please note that employees hired before November 7, 1986, and employees who have federal security clearance are exempt from the E-Verify process.

Special Information for F-1 International Students on Optional Practical Training (OPT): F-1 students with OPT who qualify for the 17-month OPT extension should note that Vanderbilt University’s E-Verify ID Number is 240840. Should you have questions about the STEM OPT extension, please contact your DSO.