Video: “Live Art: Learning to Cry on Cue”

Assistant Professor of Art Amelia Winger-Bearskin started out as a performer for opera, dance and theatrical performances in film and stage before becoming an artist. She still draws much of her inspiration for her artwork from the world she experienced “behind the scenes.” Winger-Bearskin will literally teach the audience how to cry on cue, using herself both as a recorded voice and an “unwitting participant” to show the devices that are used to engage people at their most fragile state. This live performance will not only teach about the theatrical process, but also allow you to laugh through your own human fragility as you experience some real tears (from joy, laughter, and perhaps inspiration!).

Thinking Out of the Lunchbox is a series of conversations with David Wood, Centennial Professor of Philosophy.

Contact: Chandra Allison, chandra.allison@Vanderbilt.Edu