Maker Movement advocate Mr. Jalopy to give free public lecture at Curb Center

Mr. Jalopy

The Curb Center for Art, Enterprise and Public Policy is hosting a free public lecture by Mr. Jalopy on Nov. 8 as part of the “Curb Center Creative Leadership” speaker series.

The free lecture will begin at 4 p.m. in the Curb Center Atrium located at 1801 Edgehill Ave.

Mr. Jalopy is a Los Angeles-based advocate of the Maker Movement, a community of consumers who repair, rebuild, reuse and even reinvent mass-produced goods. Mr. Jalopy’s collaborative philosophy and innovative modifications of existing products have been featured on NPR as well as Wired, USA Today and The New York Times.

“Innovation does not stop at the end of the assembly line,” Mr. Jalopy says on his website, “Companies should think of customers as collaborators and reap the benefits of building a community of fierce advocates. There is significant economic incentive to connect with customers beyond consuming. Companies can create legendary brands that people care about and build products that customers will praise and defend. Innovation should be shared.”

The Curb Center is a national policy center conducting research and fostering dialogue that examines the practices, laws, regulations and norms shaping creative enterprise and expressive life in America.

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