Vanderbilt Magazine Staff – Summer 2010

  • Editor
    GayNelle Doll
  • Art Director and Designer
    Donna DeVore Pritchett


  • Associate Editor and Advertising Manager
    Phillip B. Tucker
  • Arts & Culture Editor
    Bonnie Arant Ertelt, BS’81
  • Class Notes and Sports Editor
    Nelson Bryan, BA’73

Photography and Imaging

  • Director, Photography Services
    Daniel Dubois
  • Photographers
    Steve Green, Joe Howell, Anne Rayner, John Russell, Susan Urmy
  • Assistant Designers
    Deborah Brewington,
    Jeremy Teaford
  • Color Correction and Retouching
    Julie Luckett Turner

Web Edition Design and Development
Lacy Tite

Vanderbilt Magazine Advisory Board

  • Roy Blount Jr., BA’63
  • Caneel Cotton, BA’88
  • Terry Eastland, BA’71
  • Sam Feist, BA’91
  • Frye Gaillard Jr., BA’68
  • Janice Miller Greenberg, BS’80
  • G. Marc Hamburger, BA’64
  • Molly Henneberg, BS’95
  • Ann McDaniel, BA’77
  • Wendell Rawls Jr., BA’70
  • Edward Schumacher Matos, BA’68
  • Beth Fortune
  • Susie Stalcup

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