Media Advisory: Vanderbilt students return to campus Aug. 21, move-in goes green

There will be a sea of new faces around Vanderbilt University’s campus beginning at 7 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 21, when about 1,500 freshmen move into The Commons, Vanderbilt’s first-year student community. The students will move into residence halls known as “houses”—each of which is headed by a faculty member that lives in an apartment in the house. A band of volunteers consisting of upperclass students, faculty and staff greet the new Commodores and their families and help them move in–with the entire effort wrapping up around noon. Upperclass students also move on to campus throughout the weekend.

Move-in weekend can generate a lot of potential waste when all of the cardboard boxes, plastic bags and covers and Styrofoam packing materials start to add up. [rquote]To improve the environmental impact of move-in, Vanderbilt is offering plastic film, cardboard and Styrofoam recycling.[/rquote] Last year, the university offered molded Styrofoam recycling for the first time and filled two 26-foot trucks in addition to recycling 7.5 tons of cardboard. Film recycling is being added this year, which means plastic bags, comforter cases and similar items will be recycled.

The university will also set up water stations rather than handing out water bottles to families and students to help reduce waste.

WHAT: Students return for move-in weekend at Vanderbilt University. Move-In goes green with plastic film, cardboard and Styrofoam recycling and use of water stations rather than water bottles to reduce waste.

WHERE: Freshmen will move into The Commons, Vanderbilt’s first-year student community located on the southeastern side of campus near the Peabody College of education and human development.

WHEN: Move-in for freshmen is scheduled from 7 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Aug. 21. Upperclass students will also move in throughout the weekend.