Alumni Pass the Torch

As part of a continuing effort to help increase current students’ awareness of, and access to, Vanderbilt’s network of alumni, the Office of Alumni Relations has created “Dores Across Nashville,” a series of small, informal dinner gatherings for students in the homes of Nashville-area alumni. Each gathering centers on a particular interest—rugby, the Hustler newspaper, or involvement in AVBA, for example—that is common to both the students and the alumni hosts.

For the alumni hosts these events are chances to share their Vanderbilt experiences and offer insights about life after graduation.

“Participating in Dores Across Nashville has offered me an opportunity to reconnect with Army ROTC through the current cadets we welcomed,” says Ross Rainwater, BA’68, a recent dinner host with his wife, Suzanne. “As an AROTC student in 1968, I knew I would soon face service in Vietnam. These young cadets today face service in the War Against Terror. My wife and I treat this as an honor to extend a ‘pre-thank you’ for their service to our country.”

Seven Dores Across Nashville events took place last fall, and approximately 10 others are taking place this spring. Many alumni families have expressed interest in hosting a future event.

“I didn’t know there would be such an interesting and fantastic mix of undergraduate students and alumni [at the event], and I enjoyed getting to know people who love Vanderbilt in different ways,” says Natalie Larson, a senior and recent Dores Across Nashville participant. “I was overwhelmed by the hospitality of our hosts and the interesting lives of my peers. I had a great time!”

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