Watch: Juggleville V: The King of Clubs

Watch video of the  April 3, 2010, performance of Juggleville V: The King of Clubs.

Juggleville V: The King of Clubs blends juggling, acrobatics and physical comedy in three extraordinary performances. The 40-member cast of Juggleville V portrays the journey of a young performer through mesmerizing city streets and dazzling night clubs, each with a style all its own, as he tries to find his place in the big city. Now in its fifth year, Juggleville continues to expand in new directions, with stunning new acts and fresh faces.

This year’s show features both student and professional performing artists, including collaborations with dancers, gymnasts and musicians. “I am just a small part of the great talent, unique visions, and most importantly” dedicated performers, that have created a Juggleville different from all others while maintaining the same professional caliber.” said Jonathan Tomick, the lead character in The King of Clubs. “I think the audience will feel the fresh enthusiasm!”

Vanderbilt Juggling and Physical Arts is a student-run organization whose members include students, faculty, staff, and other members of the community. During its seven-year history, the group has delighted audiences at numerous events and theatrical productions on the Vanderbilt campus and throughout Nashville.

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