Watch: John Johns, guitar

Watch video of a September 10, 2009, performance by John Johns on guitar, part of the Blair Signature Series.

A Plucked String Event featuring duets with Blair’s Marian Shaffer, harp and Amy Dorfman, harpsichord.

Even though the guitar, harp and harpsichord have their individual sounds and tone colors, they share one thing in common – their strings are plucked by either fingers or quills. When played in combination, they produce color sonorities. The program features Fantasia para un gentilhomme by the great Spanish composer Joaquin Rodrigo, Sonata in C Major, BWV 529 by Johann Sebastian Bach, Sonata in A Major by Antonio Vivaldi, and the Introduction and Fandango by Luigi Boccherini. Johns also presents a set of his own solo guitar transcriptions of Bach, Mendelssohn and Gluck.

Sponsored by Judy and Steve Turner.