Video: “Air and Dreams”

Watch video of an Oct. 7 talk by Professor of Art Marilyn Murphy, part of the Thinking Out of the (Lunch) Box series.

Artists continue to find inspiration in the thoughts of French philosopher Gaston Bachelard, whose books Air and Dreams and The Poetics of Space encourage different ways of finding mystery in the everyday world. But is Bachelard’s work from the mid-twentieth century influential? Or has he simply recognized important metaphors that have been present in art since the Surrealists started to mine their dream worlds in the 1920s?
The lecture includes the work of several contemporary Nashville artists with national reputations that, in part, relate to Bachelard’s work.
Vanderbilt University partners with the Nashville Public Library for the Thinking Out of the (Lunch) Box series. A series of lunchtime talks with a philosophical flavor.

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