Video: Improvisational art event TASK

Watch video of a unique experience as renowned artist Oliver Herring joins students, faculty and the community to create a TASK event. Herring will collaborate with those gathered in this improvisational art event described as “akin to the happenings of the 1960s.”

In creating his TASK events, Herring, a sculptor, photographer and video artist, invites individuals to join him at a specific time and place, with participants adding their ideas for the TASK into a pool. Each idea selected is then interpreted as the participants choose, using different props and artist materials. As each task is completed, new ideas are added and started. The finalize TASK event could include performances, sculpture, photography and many other forms of expression.

Herring, who is also in Nashville for the opening of his exhibition “Common Threads” at the Frist Center for the Visual Arts, is inspired in his work by the idea that anyone can be an agent for social change. Through his art and TASK events, he desires to break down ideas of social barriers and redefine aesthetics. This event is sponsored by the Vanderbilt University Department of Art in conjunction with its Studio VU Lecture Series.

Following the TASK, Tang Museum Associate Director and Curator Ian Berry and Vanderbilt professor Vesna Pavlovic moderated a conversation between Herring and the public. This event was the first of the new Art Klatch at Vanderbilt events, gathering artists and the community for food and fellowship revolving around contemporary art and can be seen here.

Contact: Diane Acree, (615) 343-7241

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