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Video: “Promise of Nanotechnology: Unique new properties that can be tailored and controlled to solve challenges in our world”

May. 22, 2009, 2:27 PM

Watch a talk by Sandra Rosenthal, professor of chemistry.

We live in a fantastic new world in which it is possible to see and manipulate matter on a length scale of individual atoms. This is the nano-regime, where materials have unique new properties that can be tailored and controlled; properties that can be exploited to solve challenges in our world. From early detection of disease and new
methods of drug discovery to ultra-miniaturized electronics and the generation of clean energy, nanotechnology will ultimately benefit every industrial sector and health care field.

This talk was part of Commencement Study Breaks – Senior Day learning sessions for our guests, conducted by Vanderbilt faculty members.

Contact: Princine Lewis (615) 322-NEWS

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