Video: “Free Speech and Censorship at Work”

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Vanderbilt Professor of Management and SociologyBruce Barrydiscusses “Free Speech and Censorship at Work” at the April 2 Thinking Out of the Lunch Box series.

Under our system of constitutional and employment law, you can be fired if your employer doesn’t like your speech, even if what you say has nothing to do with your work or workplace and even if it occurs off the job. Is it reasonable to expect people to check fundamental rights at the workplace door? Is the health of consensual democracy compromised when people have to sacrifice expressive rights for job security? What are the limits of free speech in a society where people live out much of their lives under the control of large private institutions not bound by the Bill of Rights?

Thinking Out of the Lunch Box is a series of lunchtime talks with a philosophical flavor hosted by David Wood, Centennial Professor of Psychology, and sponsored by the Vanderbilt Office of Community, Neighborhood and Government Relations in partnership with the Nashville Public Library. Learn more at

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