Contributors for the Spring 2008 Issue


Lisa Robbins

Lisa Robbins earned a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia and worked as a reporter in Jerusalem and Chicago. When a newspaper editor instructed her to stop conducting interviews in person and to do all her reporting from behind a desk, she decided to give freelancing a try. Though she has dabbled in other work since, she always finds herself back at a keyboard. She lives in Nashville and recently has written for the Travel Channel, Nashville Scene and Peabody Reflector.

Dwayne O'Brien

Dwayne O’Brien

Dwayne O’Brien, MA’05, is a Grammy-nominated musician and songwriter. After earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from East Central University, the Oklahoman moved to Nashville to pursue a music career. A founding member of the group Little Texas, he and the band have sold more than 6 million albums and topped the charts with 15 top-10 and three No. 1 hits. O’Brien was the first person to earn a master’s degree in the communication of science, engineering and technology at Vanderbilt, where he is a regular contributor to Exploration, Vanderbilt’s online research magazine.

Claire Suddath

Claire Suddath

Claire Suddath, BA’04, worked three years at the Nashville Scene alternative weekly newspaper after leaving Vanderbilt. She currently attends Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism and lives in a tiny apartment in New York City with her dog, Molly. When she’s not writing, Suddath spends most of her time taking the wrong subway and getting yelled at by New Yorkers.

Frye Gaillard

Frye Gaillard

Frye Gaillard, BA’68, was born in the Deep South and has been writing about the region for almost 40 years. His latest book, With Music and Justice for All: Some Southerners and Their Passions (Vanderbilt University Press, 2008), is an anthology of some of his most compelling works, including several pieces originally published in Vanderbilt Magazine. Gaillard is writer-in-residence at the University of South Alabama and the author of 17 additional works of nonfiction.


Lisa Dubois

Lisa A. DuBois

Lisa A. DuBois has penned stories for newspapers, magazines, radio and video. She received a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a master’s degree in biomedical communications from Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. She recently completed a history of the founding of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital, More Than a Place (Providence House Publishers, 2007).

Additional Contributors:

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