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TIPSHEET: ‘Tis the (holiday retail) season! Vanderbilt marketing experts available

[Media Note: Vanderbilt has a campus broadcast facility with a dedicated fiber optic line for live or taped TV interviews and a radio ISDN line. The Vanderbilt news website has a link to our online searchable database of experts.]

With the holiday shopping season here, marketing experts from the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management are available to discuss a range of retail business and consumer issues.

Retailers and economic uncertainty
Professor Dawn Iacobucci can address the competitive retail business environment, as well as the potential impact of current economic uncertainty on this season’s expected sales performance. Iacobucci is a renowned expert on customer satisfaction and service marketing. She has developed advanced customer satisfaction models and analyzed such topics as differences between consumer experiences across a variety of products and services and the impact of cultural differences on customer perceptions.

The newest and “hottest” products
Professor Steve Hoeffler is available to discuss trends/expectations on the newest and hottest products hitting store shelves, as well as product categories expected to lead and lag this season. An expert in consumer products marketing, brand management and consumer behavior, Hoeffler has done extensive research on such topics as positioning multiple category products, marketing radically new products and the advantages of strong brands.

Pricing, promotion and impact of Chinese toy recalls
Professor Steve Posavac expects “a shift in holiday giving away from China-made toys and toward alternatives such as books, DVDs, video games and clothing,” in light of recent quality and safety issues with Chinese imports. In addition, Posavac can discuss new pricing and promotion tactics by retailers to get ahead of the competition. He is an expert in the field of consumer judgment and decision processes, including perceptions of value, and advertising and persuasion.

Continued explosion of e-tailing and online purchases
Professor Jennifer Escalas can discuss the continued growth and importance of e-commerce during the holiday season. In addition to bringing her marketing expertise to bear for, a competitive swimwear company she owns with her husband (and former Olympic swimmer), Escalas’ research interests include consumer narrative processing – thinking in the form of stories – which can create meaning for brands and generate emotional responses to advertising.

Media Contact: Amy Wolf, (615) 322-NEWS