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Remember when you were a Vanderbilt student, not quite sure where you would land after graduation or how you were going to make the transition from the classroom to the work world?

Wouldn’t it have been great to connect with former students who had at least some of the answers?

This fall the Office of Alumni Relations has launched a series of initiatives to bring alumni and current students together, increase students’ awareness of and access to Vanderbilt’s alumni network–and build unity and tradition among the classes.The hope is to involve students with the alumni community early on, even as prospective students.

Benefiting from the wisdom of those who have gone before, these students will be able to seamlessly transition into engaged alumni once they leave the university. One of these initiatives is the creation of the Vanderbilt Student Alumni Association. Through the work of student committees representing each undergraduate class, the association seeks to help foster connections between current students and alumni while also building a sense of community among the classes.

Many students are looking to alumni to offer advice on career paths, to demonstrate to them that they are part of a global Vanderbilt community, and to help them understand the connections between academics and life after Vanderbilt. By volunteering with these programs, you can help make a big difference in the life of a Vanderbilt student.

While the initial focus of student/alumni programming is on campus, the Alumni Association will expand these programs into Vanderbilt Chapter cities soon. For more information contact Lauren Schmitzer, associate director of alumni relations, by calling 615/322-2042 or e-mailing

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