Vanderbilt professor honored by Valdosta State University

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Vanderbilt professor Steven Graham will be honored Oct. 7 by Valdosta State University as distinguished alumnus of 2006 as part of the university’s centennial celebration.

“Valdosta State University initially started as a teacher’s college and has grown to be an all-service college,” Graham said. “In recognition of their roots, for their centennial celebration they are recognizing the contributions of someone in the field of education. I am very honored to be chosen as their distinguished alumnus and am eager to return to the campus for the celebration.”

Graham graduated from the school, which was then known as Valdosta State College, in 1972 with a degree in secondary education. In 1975 Graham earned a master’s degree in learning disabilities, also at Valdosta State University. He continued to teach in the Valdosta area before obtaining his doctorate at the University of Kansas in special education.

Graham joined the Vanderbilt faculty as Currey Ingram Professor of Special Education and Literacy in 2005 and specializes in interventions designed to improve the way children learn writing skills.

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