Vanderbilt School of Nursing opens clinic for hurricane refugees now in Middle Tennessee

In an effort to help displaced hurricane refugees from the


Coast area, the Vanderbilt University School of Nursing is holding a special clinic for hurricane victims needing health care at the Vine Hill Clinic on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to treat hurricane disaster refugees who have sought refuge in Middle Tennessee.

The clinic, open from 5- 9 p.m., will offer episodic care for acute illnesses, prescription refills for all ages, school entrance physicals, care for HIV-positive patients in need of comprehensive care, as well as prenatal care. Patients are asked to please bring some form of positive identification, and insurance information if they have it.

For the elderly without positive identification, all that may be necessary is their Social Security number. For more information about the clinic, please contact the Vine Hill Clinic at (615) 292-9770. To schedule an appointment please contact the



Center at 866-444-8863. The Vine Hill Clinic is located at

601 Benton Avenue
near the Nashville Fairgrounds.