Hoffman and Novak articles recognized for top percentage increase in citations by business and economics researchers

NASHVILLE, Tenn. ñ Donna L. Hoffman and Thomas P. Novak, professors of marketing at the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University, have been recognized by ISI Essential Science Indicators for having the highest percent increase in total academic article citations for the most recent tracking period in the entire field of economics and business.

ISI is a tracking database that monitors academic journals on a bimonthly rotation. The database provides the citation record of academic papers nationally.

ISI’s latest bimonthly database update reveals that Hoffman and Novak’s citation record includes 11 papers cited a total of 249 times to date, representing a 12.6 percent increase in total citations since ISI’s last report. Hoffman and Novak’s two most cited papers are the 1996 Journal of Marketing paper "Marketing in Hypermedia Computer-Mediated Environments: Conceptual Foundations," with 137 citations, and the 2000 Marketing Science paper "Measuring the Customer Experience in Online Environments: A Structural Modeling Approach," with 25 citations to date.

"The utility of ISI Essential Science Indicators data is that, because the data is based upon citations, it reflects the high regard a scientist’s work is held in by his or her peers and by the scientific community," said Jennifer L. Minnick, editorial coordinator of ISI Essential Science Indicators. "Hoffman and Novak’s work in online marketing has clearly received and held the attention of the business community," she said.

Hoffman and Novak will be featured in a future issue of ISI’s online magazine, available at http://www.in-cites.com. Media contact: Susanne Loftis, (615) 322-2706 susanne.loftis@vanderbilt.edu

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