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The New York Times: Brisk business at Bronx hotel, center of Legionnaires’ outbreak
Not much has changed at the Bronx hotel that is at the center of the worst outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in New York City’s history. Business has been, if anything, a little brisker. According to management, the hotel has been near capacity for the past two months, with occupancy rates hovering between 90 and 95 percent, slightly higher than a year ago. William Schaffner, professor of preventive medicine and health policy, is quoted.

Forbes: How to manage this week’s unprecedented volatility
Due to the volatility in recent stock market activities around the globe, the next month may offer more dynamic trends. This assertion not only applies to the stock market but also to our world in general. Volatile times create opportunities, but only for those who have kept many options open, according to the writer. NPR’s Marketplace interview with Robert Whaley, Valere Blair Potter Professor of Finance, is referenced.

International Business Times: We peak as liars as young adults and our skill gets worse as we get older, according to science
Whether it’s a white lie, a fib, artful omission, a tall tale or an exaggeration, everyone lies. Over the years, we develop a conscience and feel guilty when we lie, and the practice gradually subsides due to self-control. A new study looked at lying over an entire life span and concluded young adults were the best at it and the elderly were the worst. Vanderbilt University is noted as a co-researcher in the study.

Futurity: Algorithm is a ‘toy’ version of a robot scientist
Biophysicists have gotten us a small step closer to an automated method to infer models describing a system’s dynamics—a so-called robot scientist. Earlier research by John Wikswo, Gordon A. Cain University Professor, is mentioned.

Gizmodo: This man is about to put a robot in your pocket
What will it take for robots to become as common in our homes and daily lives as smartphones, TVs, and computers? A famous Tokyo professor aims to be “the Steve Jobs of robotics,” by moving away from technical specs and emphasizing design, as well as pure bot charisma. Richard Alan Peters, associate professor of electrical engineering, is quoted.

Deutsche Welle (Germany): Could the Virginia TV shooting have been prevented?
The shooting of two journalists in Virginia raises issues of race, mental health and guns. Could the tragedy have been prevented by stricter gun control? Jonathan Metzl, Frederick B. Rentschler II Professor of Sociology and Medicine, Health and Society, is quoted.

The Tennessean: Vanderbilt Law names social justice program for George Barrett
Vanderbilt Law School
is naming its social justice program after the late civil rights lawyer George Barrett. Barrett earned his legal degree from Vanderbilt in 1957. Darren Robbins, a 1993 graduate of the law school and a founding partner of the San Diego law firm of Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd, made an undisclosed gift to endow the program in Barrett’s name.

The Nashville Ledger: Sept. 10-12: Made South Makers Market
MADE SOUTH, a Tennessee-based delivery service, is introducing its first Makers Market with three events in the Franklin area that will showcase 90-plus makers and artisans from eight southern states. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the new Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital of Vanderbilt at Williamson Medical Center.

The Tennessean: Vanderbilt University employee reportedly chased supervisor with kitchen knife
Vanderbilt University Police
 sent out a security alert Thursday morning about a Vanderbilt University employee who reportedly chased his supervisor around the dining area of College Halls with a kitchen knife and then drove away from the campus. Update: The suspect turned himself in to authorities today and is in custody. 





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