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Fortune: Will the English Premier League shut out Europe for star players?
Flush with TV cash, the UK’s top soccer league could soon start raiding the continent for top talent. John Vrooman, senior lecturer in economics, is quoted.

The Conversation: Opinion: Our mostly dry planetary neighbors once had lots of water—what does that imply for us?
Understanding how our neighbors Venus and Mars lost their vast oceans can help us know what the future holds for Earth, and if there is anything we can do to avoid the same fate, writes David Weintraub, professor of astronomy.

Futurity: How people across the Americas view same-sex marriage
Research by Arturo Maldonado, a Ph.D. candidate with Vanderbilt’s Latin American Public Opinion Project, shows that young people are far more accepting of same-sex marriage throughout the Americas than older people.

RedOrbit: Should we colonize Venus instead of Mars?

We’ve all been fixated on going to Mars, but have we set our sights on the wrong planet? David Weintraub, professor of astronomy, is interviewed.

Phys.Org: Using bacterial ‘fight clubs’ to find new drugs
A proof-of-concept study by Associate Professor of Chemistry Brian Bachmann and Stevenson Professor of Chemistry John McLean shows that forcing bacteria to “fight” in the lab causes them to produce cancer-fighting compounds. Research associate Dagmara Derewacz, who first came up with the idea, and graduate student Brett Covington are mentioned.

Washington Post: A Thurmond of the next generation seeks a new legacy in South Carolina
Strom Thurmond’s youngest son, Paul Thurmond, forsook The Citadel in favor of Vanderbilt and has blazed his own path ever since. This week Paul, now a state senator in South Carolina, called for the removal of the Confederate flag his father raised over the state capitol in 1961.

USA Today: Remnants of Confederacy stir debate over honoring past
Yesterday’s Tennessean story about how Southern communities are reconsidering how to preserve their Confederate history that quotes Lucius Outlaw, professor of philosophy, appears on the USA Today website today.

Healio: Best foot forward
Mechanical engineering graduate student Andrew Ekelem, who has used a wheelchair since experiencing a spinal cord injury, works in the lab of Michael Goldfarb, H. Fort Flowers of Mechanical Engineering, helping to refine a robotic exoskeleton that will help disabled individuals stand and walk.

RealClearPolitics: Roundup: Chris Christie to enter the ring; NBC cashiers The Donald; gays get their due; The Wind Done Gone
Today is the anniversary of the publication of Gone With The Wind, a book whose themes continue to resonate today. Alice Randall, writer-in-residence at Vanderbilt and author of The Wind Done Gone, a retelling of the novel from the point of view of Scarlett’s African-American half sister Cynara, is quoted.

Christian Post: Tennessee lawmakers drafting bill to protect pastors who object to marrying same-sex couples after Supreme Court ruling

Tennessee lawmakers are drafting a new bill expected to protect pastors who refuse to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies for religious reasons. Brian Fitzpatrick, FedEx Research Professor of Law, is quoted.

WPLN: After same-sex marriage ruling, LGBT community still has lots of ground to cover
While gay people can now legally marry, they can still be fired for their sexual orientation. Members of the Vanderbilt community discussed the juxtaposition as they gathered at the K.C. Potter Center to celebrate the Supreme Court ruling Friday. Kameron Kilchrist, a graduate student, is quoted.

The Tennessean: Insure TN ‘not perfect,’ would reduce worry of ER costs
Supporters of Insure Tennessee from the business, health care and political communities, traveling from West Tennessee, Knoxville and Washington, D.C., took the stage at Saint Thomas Health to launch a fresh push for Gov. Bill Haslam’s insurance expansion plan. The story cites Vanderbilt Poll findings that show a majority of Tennesseans support the expansion. The poll was also mentioned in a related story in The Tennessean: Obama visit, court ruling set stage for renewed Insure Tennessee push.

The Tennessean: Three televised debates set for Nashville mayoral run-off
Vanderbilt University announced on Monday that it has partnered with WTVF for a mayoral debate on Aug. 24. The run-off event adds to a NashForward televised debate, sponsored by The Tennessean and Belmont University, that will air on WSMV. A third debate organized by WZTV is also scheduled.

The Tennessean: ‘Lady’ team nicknames can be harmful, experts say
The University of Tennessee’s decision to remove the prefix “Lady” from all but one of its women’s sports teams has been met with some resistance, but according to professors specializing in women in sports, the move might be long overdue. Amy Cooter, lecturer in sociology, is quoted.





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