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ABC News: How the bird flu sweeping through U.S. flocks is different than past outbreaks
The latest avian flu outbreak to wipe out poultry flocks around the world is composed of multiple strains this year. William Schaffner, professor of preventive medicine and health policy, is quoted.

Houston Public Media (Texas): Report: ‘Racial bias’ operating in Houston’s gifted and talented enrollment
Students of color in Houston schools aren’t being recognized as gifted and talented at alarmingly low rates, according to a new report by Donna Ford, professor of special education.

Huffington Post: Seven big things we learned about sleep in the past decade
Over the past 10 years, sleep has finally become widely recognized as a critical aspect of good health, and new research has shed more light on its importance in our lives. Research by Douglas McMahon, Stevenson Professor of Biological Sciences, showing that it may be possible to “reset” one’s biological clock by stimulating certain neurons with a laser, is mentioned.

RedOrbit: Cave deposits record prehistoric climate
By studying mineral cave deposits known as speleothems, researchers led by Jessica Oster, assistant professor of Earth and environmental sciences, are learning more about what prehistoric climate was like and how it changed over the years.

USA Today: Study: ‘Pics or it didn’t happen’ distracts you from real life
Taking pictures to document experiences can keep us from actually remembering them in the first place, writes Vanderbilt student Kara Sherrer, who is a 2015 USA Today Summer Correspondent.

ESPN: NFL takes a closer look at relocation fees
NFL owners have commissioned a study examining team relocation fees, as several teams study the possibility of moving to much bigger markets—and the prospect of paying higher fees. Prior research by John Vrooman, senior lecturer in economics, is mentioned.

The Blaze: Think society’s in a downward moral spiral? One expert argues that morality is shifting but won’t ‘lead to a social collapse’
Some might cite the same-sex marriage case brought before the U.S. Supreme Court recently as an example that the country is experiencing a kind of moral decline, but Ed Rubin, University Professor of Law and Political Science, argues quite the opposite.

Nashville Banner: Vandy smokestack kicked off campus
The iconic 210-foot, coal smokestack that was a Vanderbilt campus landmark for 53 years has been demolished, as the campus power plant has switched entirely to natural gas. Andrea George, director of the Sustainability and Environmental Management Office, and Mark Petty, assistant vice chancellor for plant operations, are quoted. The story links to video of the demolition produced by Vanderbilt News and Communications.

Chattanooga Times-Free Press: Political Notebook
Tennessee Democratic Party officials jumped on Republican state House Speaker Beth Harwell’s statement last week that Insure Tennessee failed because of politics as usual. Democratic Party Chair Mary Mancini cited the Vanderbilt Poll, which indicates a majority of Tennesseans support the plan. Those statistics are also cited in an op-ed in the Johnson City Press: Opinion: Insure Tennessee gets a hearty ‘Amen!’ from state residents.

Nashville Business Journal: Health Care Heroes: Dr. Steven Kahn, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
As an instructor and critical care surgeon, Steven Kahn cares for patients after injury in addition to researching burn and firefighter injury prevention.

The Tennessean: Vanderbilt gets grant to coach preachers on sermons
John S. McClure
, Charles G. Finney Professor of Homiletics, and Dale P. Andrews, Distinguished Professor of Homiletics and Social Justice, have launched a new program that is training preaching coaches to help church leaders develop their communication skills. The two-year program, dubbed the David G. Buttrick Certificate Program in Homiletic Peer Coaching, began its first round of classes this spring. It was made possible by a $500,000 grant from Lilly Endowment Inc.

The Tennessean: Study: Hospital to nursing home discharges need focus
The juncture where patients are discharged from hospitals to skilled nursing facilities for rehabilitation is pinpointed by a new study as a place where greater focus could prolong lives and reduce costs. Co-author John Graves, assistant professor of health policy and medicine, is quoted.

The Tennessean: Metro police want policy before adding body cams
Body cameras will likely become a part of policing in Nashville, but not before informed policies are drawn up. Christopher Slobogin, Milton Underwood Professor of Law, is quoted.

The Tennessean: Health reform has advanced practice nurses in spotlight
Advanced practice nurses are helping to fill important gaps that have emerged in the healthcare system as patients become more empowered to question their care and hospitals seek ways to meet the outcome benchmarks set forth by the Affordable Care Act. April Kapu, associate nursing officer, advanced practice, is quoted.

The Tennessean: Colleges work now so TN Promise students succeed later
The success of Tennessee Promise’s first freshman class depends largely on the work that is underway at the state’s 13 public community colleges, where most of the eligible students will enroll. Colleges and state leaders are in the midst of laying groundwork for the students’ arrival, from added staffing to special events. Angela Boatman, assistant professor of public policy and higher education, is quoted.

The Tennessean: Vanderbilt study: Yogurt could ease seasonal allergies

A Vanderbilt study shows probiotics have been shown to relieve seasonal allergies in some sufferers, but the jury is still out about whether yogurt is a real cure. Lead author Justin Turner, assistant professor of otolaryngology, is quoted. The story was also reported in Futurity.

The Tennessean: Judge to hear Vanderbilt rape mistrial requests in June
Nashville Criminal Court Judge Monte Watkins will consider whether to grant a mistrial in the case of two former football players convicted of rape on June 15. Other Tennessean stories related to the case include: TN Supreme Court to weigh public records case; an opinion piece by columnist Beverly Keel: Conversation in Nashville about rape changing; and another opinion piece from Tennessean news director Maria DeVarenne: Vandy rape case records can expose culture.









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