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First in IT

John Lutz began work at Vanderbilt April 15 and hasn’t come up for air since. Lutz, an information technology and financial management expert who most recently served as president of IBM Canada, is Vanderbilt’s first vice chancellor for information technology. Lutz’s areas of responsibility include all information technology at theRead More

Capt. Joseph “Dick” Robertson, a barge pilot on the Mississippi River, has worked for Ingram Barge Co. for 41 years. The Vanderbilt Sleep Center is partnering with Ingram Barge to provide sleep apnea screening, treatment and coaching for its employees. (Credit: KEVIN LORENZI)

Bright Eyed

While at the helm of a towboat navigating more than 20,000 tons of cargo down shifting river channels, feeling sleepy is not an option for pilots like Darrell Koontz. “Normally, there are eight other people besides myself on the boat, and I have their lives in my hands, not toRead More

Matters of Opinion

Matters of Opinion

Tennesseans strongly support charter schools, but their feelings about school vouchers are more divided, according to a poll from the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions at Vanderbilt. “A solid 66 percent of those polled support charter schools,” says John Geer, co-director of the center. Thirty-five percent support aRead More

Guatemala has become a hub for service-learning opportunities that benefit both Vanderbilt students and the local population. (Credit: Armen Henderson)

We Heart Guatemala

Vanderbilt’s expanded commitment to research and sustainable development in Guatemala took a giant step forward this past spring with the opening of a Guatemala City field station that is home to 13 projects. The field station, located at the Moore Pediatric Surgery Center, provides support for diverse programs ranging fromRead More

During Sasser’s stint as ambassador to China, he was trapped in the embassy for four days after Beijing erupted in violence following an inadvertent American-led NATO bombing of  the Chinese embassy  in Belgrade. (Credit: Greg Baker - AP/Wide World Photos)

Paper Trail

James R. Sasser, former U.S. senator and ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, and his wife, Mary Sasser, have donated their papers to Vanderbilt University’s Special Collections. “Mary and I have chosen Vanderbilt as the home for our records because in many ways it is where our journey began,”Read More