Mini Profile


Dr. Robert Mahley, MD’70, PhD’70

Dr. Robert Mahley recently received a $2.5 million grant from the Wellcome Trust to fast-track a drug that could neutralize the protein researchers believe is the genetic cause of Alzheimer’s disease—the apolipoprotein E4, or ApoE4.


Amy Christine Ellis, BA’96

Recently, Amy Christine Ellis was named a master of wine by the Institute of Masters of Wine—one of only 312 people to hold that title worldwide, and one of only 10 women in the United States.


Piper Hendricks, BS’99

Piper Hendricks is founder and president of p.h. balanced films, a nonprofit organization that makes awareness-raising documentary films.

Tricia Rose Burt, BA’82

Tricia Rose Burt, BA’82

Tricia Rose Burt’s one-woman show, How to Draw a Nekkid Man, was selected for the 2011 New York International Fringe Festival.

Sam Nackman (SpaceX)

Sam Nackman, BE’10

SpaceX launch engineer Sam Nackman is responsible for designing and overseeing construction of the launch pad’s hydraulic, fuel and nitrogen systems.