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David Graeflin (JOHN RUSSELL)

Runner’s High: David Graeflin, BE’68, closes the doors of The Athlete’s House

Runners are a group Graeflin knows well. He ran track at Vanderbilt, and is the longtime owner of The Athlete’s House in Nashville, the first store in Tennessee devoted to running apparel and gear.

Rachel Romo, ’03: Coffee with a Cause

Rachel Romo, ’03: Coffee with a Cause

Romo and a group of like-minded friends formed Atlanta-based Cozzee (pronounced like “coffee”), which sells high-end, ethically produced coffee and donates 100 percent of its profits to charity.

MTV calls Williams’ sound “an original blend of country, soul and rock-and-roll.” (MIMOSA ARTS PHOTOGRAPHY)

Sarah Williams, BMus’06: It’s All About Balance

As a busy Nashville singer, songwriter, performing pianist and recording artist, Sarah Williams spends her days balancing creativity, efficient practice and time management.

Mohamed Abdel-Kader, MEd’03: Global Perspective

Mohamed Abdel-Kader, MEd’03: Global Perspective

Helping young Americans succeed in a global environment is both a vocation and a passion for Mohamed Abdel-Kader. “Students and business people need a global understanding and mindset to exist in the world today,” says Abdel-Kader, deputy assistant secretary in the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of International and ForeignRead More

Missy Tannen, BS’99 and Scott Tannen, BS’99:  Ethical Luxury

Missy Tannen, BS’99 and Scott Tannen, BS’99: Ethical Luxury

A simple quest for new sheets a few years ago led to the creation of an international luxury brand—Boll & Branch—a company as well-known for its ethical practices and philanthropy as it is for the quality of its products. Boll & Branch is the brainchild of Missy and Scott Tannen.Read More

Jack Minardi (© JIM HARRISON)

Jack Minardi’s Advanced 3-D Electronics Printer Grabs National Spotlight

Minardi, BE’12, is co-founder and software engineering lead for Voxel8, developer of a custom-electronics-producing 3-D printer that is a darling of tech media.

Adrian Reif (ANDY MANIS)

Adrian Reif, BS’07, Plays with Food

Reif is the founder of Yumbutter, which turns organic peanuts, almonds and sunflowers into products like spicy Thai peanut butter and almond butter with chia, hemp seeds and goji.

Idowu, center, traveled to Africa last summer as part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s response to the Ebola outbreak.

Dr. Rachel Idowu, MPH’14, Ebola Up Close

Dr. Rachel Idowu spent five weeks in Africa last summer assisting the Ebola outbreak response in Monrovia, Liberia’s capital and most populous city.

Juliet Crupi, BS’04, Seeds of Change

Juliet Crupi, BS’04, Seeds of Change

High school science teacher Juliet Crupi has turned an inner-city after-school club into a nationally recognized program aimed at changing the relationships among her students, food and the community.

Dan Stephenson, BA’06, Mac Man

Dan Stephenson, BA’06, Mac Man

Dan Stephenson, who earned a degree in economics, began selling his mac and cheese at farmers markets on weekends while working in corporate finance at Nashville’s Ingram Industries.