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Gigi Lazenby, BA’67, MBA’73, founder of her own oil and gas production company, Bretagne LLC

Posted on Friday, Feb. 8, 2013 — 2:55 PM

A photograph of a smiling young man standing beside a gas pump at a Spur Gas station in Henderson, Ky., sits in the offices of Gigi Lazenby, BA’67, MBA’73. The year was 1931 and the young man—her father, Paul Banks Jr.—would eventually work his way to President of that same company, Spur Distributing.

Years later, in 1988, Lazenby would found her own oil and gas production company, Bretagne LLC. A second photograph reminds her why she keeps going when prices sag and equipment breaks. In that photo, 40 oil field workers—blue-collar guys in overalls living off the sweat of their brow—look happily into the camera at lunchtime. “Without Bretagne, they wouldn’t have a job,” she says. “This is why I keep going.”


Originally published in Vanderbilt Business

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